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It lays down how the edifice of love-relationship develops. The language is woven in recognisable events and in a pleasing dispossession. The incidence of everybody’s experiences rolls on pages with imaginative narration making it more enjoyable. The logical pace of the events is swallow able.

When the male character says to the protagonist woman that he will not sleep with a woman without committing a lifelong bondage to her, it evokes a tremendous flow of emotions in her, as she is a victim of rape and she hates the men en masse.

The beauty of love is revealed when the ex-lover of the man helps the protagonist woman to marry the man whom she has to leave for her other commitments to her life.  The variety of experiences suffered by the characters with progress of the story sets off the deficiency of lesser number of characters. 

Imaginations are queued to let the reader feel the wobbles in characters’ consciousness. The construction of characters, their toil, and suffering, carries the massage that love-relationship is not a cake that can be purchased from a shop at the corner. It accumulates like water in a well.

The writer has nowhere tried to construct a character of a size that is larger than life, as he has chosen the women and men from the diameter of the world he lives in. He envelops them with hope, and promising return to the roots of the happiness, the real joy in the human life.

The story changes pace for a while when the man narrates his past love, but it also strengthens it in a way. Here one would doubt that the other characters are like spare parts of a running car, an avoidable contingency. But the rich adjectives and humour come to the rescue. Eyes will inexhaustibly travel from page to page. The carefully woven carpet of the story synthesizes all the characters for delivering the targeted message.